Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies for Progress in UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Originally published in UN Tech Monitor.

Seeram Ramakrishna, FREng, Everest Chair

Professor & Chair of Circular Economy Taskforce, National University of Singapore

UNESCO Global Expert Group member on the Universities & the 2030 Agenda (


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25 days ago

Hi Seeram, this is an interesting paper. You say in the abstract "Benefits of 4IR include lower greenhouse gas emissions". Do you have in mind references (i.e. peer-reviewed articles) that demonstrate this statement quantitatively? Thanks.

Hi David, sorry for late reply as I could not access this site in recent weeks.  please check this reference

Avenyo, E. and Tregenna, F. (2021). “The effects of technology intensity in man-ufacturing on CO2 emissions: Evidence from developing countries”, Working paper 846.  Technology and Manage-ment Centre for Development, Univer-sity of Oxford.

Thank you, Seeram