UCL - Nature Sustainability Expert Panel on Urban Science-Policy Interface

Nature Sustainability and the City Leadership Laboratory, UCL have established an expert panel on the Urban Science-Policy Interface.
UCL - Nature Sustainability Expert Panel on Urban Science-Policy Interface

Partnering with the City Leadership Laboratory at University College London (UCL), we at Nature Sustainability are keen to contribute to the advancement of a more integrated and policy-engaged research agenda on cities.

To further this aim, we established an international and cross-disciplinary expert panel of 25 experts to review the state of urban research for global sustainability at its interface with policy (full briefing available here). The expert group met on 3-4 July to identify knowledge gaps, critical disciplinary tensions and recommend a way forward to strengthen urban research. The group also looked at what can both drive and hinder urban researchers’ efforts to create a more successful interface with policy. A report on the outcomes of the meeting will be produced in November 2017 and further analysis and comment on urban cities will follow in Nature Sustainability in 2018.

To find out more, visit the City Leadership Laboratory website.

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