Amell Amatino

Founding Director, MAINTENANT Sustaining Now
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About Amell Amatino

Over the past 6 years, Amell has dedicated her time to Sustainable Development engagement campaigns, empowering children, adults and the whole community to adapt their lifestyles now. This culminated with Amell creating her Social Enterprise "MAINTENANT Sustaining Now" in 2017. MAINTENANT produces educational games, runs corporate and school workshops, and partners with Business Schools to implement comprehensive sustainability and circular economy curriculum.


Atmospheric Science Biogeochemistry Business Studies Ecology Education Environmental Engineering Environmental Health Environmental Science Ethics Humanities Oceanography Political Science Science, Technology and Society Sociology Soil Science Urban Science and Studies Water Science and studies

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No procrastination, just action. MAINTENANT.

Amell Amatino explains how her own curiosity about sustainability science resulted in a passion for educating others on topics including climate, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy living.


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