Amell Amatino

Founder & CEO, MAINTENANT Sustaining Now
  • MAINTENANT Sustaining Now
  • United Kingdom

About Amell Amatino

Dedicated to Sustainable Development and Circular Economy, Amell, through her award-winning social enterprise MAINTENANT Sustaining Now, empowers the community to adapt their lifestyles, and supports businesses to move towards a circular way of trading with the SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE| Corporate consulting & training as well as Higher Education courses.

THE ECO HUB | CPDs (continuous professional development), courses and resources for educators, teachers  and schools.

DIVERSITY DECK® Collection | multi-generational eco card games to learn about the Earth System while having fun!


Atmospheric Science Biogeochemistry Business Studies Ecology Education Environmental Engineering Environmental Health Environmental Science Ethics Humanities Oceanography Political Science Science, Technology and Society Sociology Soil Science Urban Science and Studies Water Science and studies

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No procrastination, just action. MAINTENANT.

Amell Amatino explains how her own curiosity about sustainability science resulted in a passion for educating others on topics including climate, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy living.

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