Faith Ka Shun Chan (He/Him)

Head of School , Faith Ka Shun, Chan, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
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About Faith Ka Shun Chan

Faith specialises in international water management policies, particularly in sustainable flood management and planning practices, flood risk assessment practices in the UK, Europe and East Asian coastal cities, and deltas and their applications in both developed and developing countries.


Climate Change Development Studies Economics Environmental Engineering Environmental Health Environmental Science Forestry Geography Hydrology Public Policy Science Communication Soil Science Urban Science and Studies Water Science and Studies


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Nov 18, 2022

Hi Brett and authors - I agree with your findings and sometimes the public and communities they do not have choices as because they do not know the detailed modelling data and the tools that explicit. That makes sense because they do not do this and would not know the more accurate findings. In some Global South or most of GS countries, these kind of services even lacking or simply has not been established. Thus - in the US, communities are well-off having the flood information but as the research suggested the FEMA should provide more accurate flood analysed information otherwise the public and communities perhaps wrongly trust their findings and affect their decision making on the flood preparation and responses. That is something I am thinking on improving the flood resilience as well. 


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